Hernia Traumatik Dinding Abdomen Pada Kucing Ras Mix

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Desty Apritya Mohammad Noor Rahman Annisa Catria Latif Maria Ernestina Yuyun Ivonia Maya Paula Nahak Fajar Aulia Mahpuz Muhammad Iqbal Hanapi Murtado Murtado


Abdominal wall hernia is a protrusion of the abdominal contents through an abnormal ring or hole in the abdominal cavity of the body. A mixed breed female cat, 3 years old, weighing 2.5 kg, complaining of a lump in the left lateral abdominal area accompanied by a ring with a mass that can be pushed in. Based on the history, the protrusion is approximately 3 weeks and is thought to be caused by trauma. The results of a complete blood count showed normal results. Accompanied by the results of the x-ray examination, the patient was diagnosed with a traumatic hernia of the abdominal wall with a faustal prognosis. Case management involves repositioning the content into the abdominal cavity and suturing the hernia ring. Postoperative therapy was given injection cefotaxime antibiotics followed by amoxicilline (20 mg / kg BW; q 12h; for 5 days), anti-pain mefenamic acid (for 5 days), and Vitamin B, C (until patient healed).

traumatic hernia, cat
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