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In several cases has reported that rabies identify in cow, bat, squirrels and rodentia. The incidences of rabies cases transmitted by rats is very low. The aim of this article to doing description rabies after 20 years last cases in rodentia.&nbsp; This article is using systematical review from journal, book and cases report about rabies and rodentia.&nbsp; From 1790 artikel is descripting about rabies and rodentia, is just 9 articles can be analiting in this review. The species rodents that positive rabies cases is Procyn sp, Mephytidae sp, Mus sp, Dypodomys sp, Rattus novergicus, Rattus losea and Bandicota sp. The conclution of this articles is from 2000 -2020 never found again indicates rabies cases in rodentia.</em></p> Wempi Dody Permadi, Firda Yanur Pradani ##submission.copyrightStatement## Thu, 21 Oct 2021 10:11:43 +0700 EFEK SARI BUAH NANAS (Ananas Cosumus l.) TERHADAP TOTAL BAKTERI DAN DERAJAT KEASAMAN (pH) DAGING AYAM BROILER <p><em>The aimed of this study was to determine the effectivity of pineapple essence (Ananas Comosus) as a natural reservative in chicken meat with parameters of total colony of bacteria and pH. The experimental design used completely randomized design with 4 treatments and 6 replications. The treatments applied were P0 as a control, P1 (25% pineapple essence), P2 (50% pineapple essence), and P3 (100% pineapple essence). The parameters of this study were the total colony of bacteria (TPC) and pH. The results of the statistical analysis showed that the total colony of bacteria in meat were P0 = 4,2 x104, P1 = 2,0 x 104, P2 = 1,9 x 104, dan P3 = 1,2 x 104. pH in chicken meat P0 = 5,0 ± 0,17a, P1 =&nbsp; 4,2 ±&nbsp; 0,05b,&nbsp; P2 = 4,0&nbsp; ±&nbsp; 0,08c,&nbsp; dan&nbsp; P3 = 3,9&nbsp; ±&nbsp; 0,10d.. The results of this study showed significant difference in chicken meat containing pineapple essence on total colony of bacteria and pH. The most effective result was chicken meat with 100% pineapple essence.</em></p> Dyah Widhowati, Ferian Pandu Wiranata, Ady Kurnianto, Sheila Marty Yanestria ##submission.copyrightStatement## Thu, 21 Oct 2021 10:16:56 +0700 PENGARUH EKSTRAK DAUN SALAM (Eugenia polyantha, Wight.) SEBAGAI PENGAWET ALAMI DAGING AYAM BROILER DI PASAR WONOKROMO <p>This study aimed to determine the effect of bay leaf extract (<em>Eugenia Polyantha, Wight</em>.) as a natural preservative for broiler chicken meat in the Wonokromo market. The experimental design used in this study was a completely randomized design with 4 treatments and 5 replications, namely P0 (control), P1 (bay leaf extract 5%), P2 (15% bay leaf extract) and P3 (25% bay leaf extract). Broiler chicken thighs were soaked for 30 minutes and stored at room temperature (20-25<sup>O</sup>C) for 24 hours. The organoleptic test processed descriptively and the panelists was the researchers herself. The color of the best broiler chicken meat was at P3 with a brownish yellow color, the best broiler chicken meat smell was P3 with a slightly rotten smell and a bit of bay leaf aroma and the best broiler chicken meat texture was 2, namely in P2 and P3 with a slightly soft texture. The initial test of decay (Eber test) and total bacterial colonies (TPC) used statistical analysis of analysis of variance data. The mean initial rot (Eber) was at P0 1.00, P1 0.83, P2 0.33, P3 0.17. The average total bacterial colonies (TPC) were at P0 3.35 x 10<sup>6</sup>, P1 3.03 x 10<sup>6</sup>, P2 2.71 x 10<sup>6</sup>, P3 2.50 x 10<sup>6</sup>. The results of statistical analysis showed that bay leaf extract had a significant effect on early rot (Eber) and total bacterial colonies. (TPC) of broiler chicken in the Wonokromo market results was (P&lt;0.05), although the total number of bacterial colonies (TPC) has exceeded the maximum TPC limit according to SNI No.3924-2009 which achieved 1x10<sup>6</sup>/cfu. The conclusion of this study was that the concentration of 25% bay leaf extract produced the best durability in broiler chicken meat with organoleptic results of a brownish yellow color, a slightly rotten odor and a slight aroma of bay leaf and also a slightly soft texture, the initial value of rottenness (Eber test) was 0.17 ± 0.40 and total value of bacterial colonies 2.50 x 10<sup>6</sup> ± 0.57 x 10<sup>6</sup>/cfu. .</p> Nurul Hidayah, Lailia Dwi Kusuma Wardhani, Caecilia Cindy Putri Ekapaksi, Freshinta Jellia Wibisono ##submission.copyrightStatement## Thu, 21 Oct 2021 10:20:52 +0700 PENGENDALIAN INFESTASI EKTOPARASIT (Argulus sp.) PADA BENIH IKAN MAS (Cyprinus carpio) DENGAN MENAMBAHKAN GARAM (NaCl) DI PASAR IKAN HIAS GUNUNG SARI SURABAYA <p>This study aims to determine the effectiveness of adding salt (NaCl) to ectoparasite <em>Argulus </em>sp<em>. </em>which infested goldfish (seeds<em>Cyprinus carpio) </em>from the Gunung Sari Ornamental Fish Market, Surabaya. This research was carried out by taking samples from one of the ornamental fish cultivation sites in Surabaya with a total of 250 goldfish seeds. This study used 25 containers as research media with 10 goldfish seeds each. Each treatment was repeated five times, namely with the salt concentration P1 = 54 grams/liter, P2 = 108 grams/liter, P3 = 162 grams/liter, P4 = the negative group or the untreated group and P5 = positive control using <em>methylene. blue </em>3 grams/liter<em>. </em>Ectoparasite examination <em>Argulus </em>sp<em>.. </em>conducted at the Parasitology Laboratory, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Wijaya Kusuma University, Surabaya. The completely randomized design method (CRD) was used in the study. The results were tested by ANOVA and a significant value of 5% (α 0.05). The test results showed that the treatment with <em>methylene blue was </em>not significantly different from the treatment of the three salt concentrations which had the same effectiveness. So the ANOVA test results show that all treatments are not significantly different.&nbsp;</p> Indra Rahmawati, Agnes Salsabila Putri, Roeswandono Roeswandono, Rochiman Sasmita ##submission.copyrightStatement## Fri, 22 Oct 2021 11:08:34 +0700 ANALISIS KUALITAS DAGING BEBEK DENGAN MENGGUNAKAN UJI pH, DAYA IKAT AIR DAN UJI EBER DI PASAR TRADISIONAL KABUPATEN KEDIRI <p><em>This study aims to determine how the pH, water holding capacity and the Eber test or rot test on duck meat which taken in several traditional markets in Kediri Regency. The samples were taken as many as 30 samples from 3 different markets. From each market taken as many as 10 different samples in each market. The type of research is quantitative and descriptive using qualitative laboratory examinations. The results showed that for the pH test and water holding capacity there was no significant difference from the three markets, but in the Eber test that was carried out there were several positive and some negative samples. This is due to several factors that refer to the process of slaughtering animals, the type of animal, and the lack of sterilization of slaughterhouses and the lack of understanding for the community, therefore it is important to improve the quality of products that are safe, healthy, whole, halal.</em></p> Roeswandono Wirjatmadja, Aji Setyonugroho, Era Hari Mudji Restijono, Dian Ayu Kartika Sari ##submission.copyrightStatement## Fri, 22 Oct 2021 11:56:35 +0700 Identifikasi Kandungan Komponen Babi pada Daging Curah dan Produk Olahan Daging Menggunakan Metode ELISA Sandwich di Balai Besar Veteriner Wates <p><strong><em>Background:</em></strong><em> Indonesians have relatively high dietary requirements. Meat and processed items are frequently counterfeited in today's world. Pork is a low-cost protein provider that is cheap and readily available. As a result, some traders began substituting the whole meat and processed products with pork. In protecting the community, BBVet Wates conducted ELISA Sandwich testing. <strong>Purpose:</strong> To find out the addition of pork content in meat and processed products and the effectiveness of ELISA for species tests. <strong>Method</strong>: ELISA type sandwich. <strong>Result:</strong> In 2019, there were 45 positive samples and 113 negative samples, while in 2020, there were 23 positive samples and 59 negative samples. <strong>Conclusion:</strong> In 2020, there will be a decrease in cases of pork addition by 0.45% from 2019. The Elisa method species test has high accuracy and sensitivity.</em></p> <p><strong>Keywords</strong>: <em>Species Test; ELISA; Meat and Processed Products.</em></p> Shafina Meilinia Meilinia, Agung Budianto Achmad, Diyantoro Diyantoro, Dony Chrismanto ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 24 Oct 2021 10:44:02 +0700 EFEKTIVITAS SALEP EKSTRAK DAUN SIRIH MERAH (Pipercrocatum) TERHADAP LUKA INSISI PADA TIKUS PUTIH (Rattus norvegicus) <p><em>This study aims to see the effectiveness of red betel leaf extract ointment against incision wounds in white rats. The tannin and saponin compounds found in red betel leaf extract function to stimulate the formation of collagen which plays a role in the wound healing process. This study used an experimental research method with the test materials being 21 male white rats (Rattus norvegicus), red betel leaf extract on wound adhesions, the total number of erythrocytes and hemoglobin in white rats due to incision wounds, divided into 3 treatment groups with 7 samples. The results of the mean value of wound attachment in the groups P0 18 ± 0.5, P1 8.5 ± 0.4 and P2 6.5 ± 0.0. The mean results of erythrocyte values in the P0 group were 6.16 ± 0.90a, P1 6.46 ± 0.45a, and P2 6.20 ± 0.63a. and the results of the mean hemoglobin values in the P0 group 11.8 ± 1.1a , P1 12.3 ± 0.7a , and P2 12.1 ± 1.2a . The results of the study showed that the administration of red betel leaf extract ointment (Piper crocatum) on wound attachment had a significant effect at a concentration of 45%, because it was believed that red betel leaf extract ointment could increase peristaltic movements. While the total number of erythrocytes and hemoglobin due to incision wounds in white rats (Rattus norvegicus) there was no significant difference.</em></p> Ratna Widyawati, Ferrini Kasy, Retina Yunani, Junianto Wika Adi Pratama ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 24 Oct 2021 11:10:09 +0700 EFEKTIVITAS EKSTRAK BAWANG PUTIH (Allium Sativum L) TERHADAP UJI EBER DAN ORGANOLEPTIK PADA PENGAWETAN DAGING KAMBING (Capra Aegagrus Hircus) <p><em>This study used two kinds of examinations, namely eber and organoleptic on peanut goat meat (Capra aegagrus hircus) using garlic extract (Allium Sativum L). This study is an experimental study using a completely randomized design (CRD) with a sampling technique with four treatments and six replications for each treatment P0 (without treatment), P1 (20%), P2 (40%) and P3 ( 60%). Goat meat samples were taken from the Pucang market in Surabaya. When taken at 6 am, the goat meat that was taken weighed 100 grams. Samples were taken using sterilized glass jars and put in a cool box and brought to the laboratory by soaking for 2 hours then After 2 hours the goat meat was taken, drained and put in a plastic container, tied with rubber, covered with aluminum foil and allowed to stand at room temperature for 48 hours. After 48 hours the goat meat was taken and continued with the Eber test and organoleptic tests. Goat meat samples were assessed by 20 panelists. Each treatment was observed on the organoleptic test and the eber test. The results that have been obtained are then analyzed using the One Way ANOVA test. The results showed that there was an effect of the effectiveness of garlic extract (Allium sativum L) on mutton beans (Capra aegagrus hircus) and the results for organoleptic tests (color, texture, aroma and taste) were higher at a concentration of 60%. And for the Eber test, the results showed that there was no effect of garlic extract on peanut goat meat.</em></p> Miarsono Sigit, Leonardony Djira Dawa, Olan Rahayu Puji Astuti Nussa, Indra Rahmawat ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 24 Oct 2021 11:38:01 +0700 Hernia Traumatik Dinding Abdomen Pada Kucing Ras Mix <p><em>Abdominal wall hernia is a protrusion of the abdominal contents through an abnormal ring or hole in the abdominal cavity of the body. A mixed breed female cat, 3 years old, weighing 2.5 kg, complaining of a lump in the left lateral abdominal area accompanied by a ring with a mass that can be pushed in. Based on the history, the protrusion is approximately 3 weeks and is thought to be caused by trauma. The results of a complete blood count showed normal results. Accompanied by the results of the x-ray examination, the patient was diagnosed with a traumatic hernia of the abdominal wall with a faustal prognosis. Case management involves repositioning the content into the abdominal cavity and suturing the hernia ring. Postoperative therapy was given injection cefotaxime antibiotics followed by amoxicilline (20 mg / kg BW; q 12h; for 5 days), anti-pain mefenamic acid (for 5 days), and Vitamin B, C (until patient healed).</em></p> Desty Apritya, Mohammad Noor Rahman, Annisa Catria Latif, Maria Ernestina Yuyun, Ivonia Maya Paula Nahak, Fajar Aulia Mahpuz, Muhammad Iqbal Hanapi, Murtado Murtado ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 30 Oct 2021 08:38:02 +0700 EFEKTIVITAS CAMPURAN EKSTRAK DAUN KELOR (Moringa oleifera) DAN SERAI WANGI (Cymbopogon nardus L) TERHADAP MORTALITAS LARVA NYAMUK Aedes aegypti <p><em>This study aim</em><em>ed</em><em> to determine the effectiveness of a mixture of Moringa leaf extracts (Moringa oleifera) and citronella (Cymbopogon nardus L)on the mortality of mosquito larvae Aedes aegypti. Experimental animals used in this study mosquito larvae Aedes aegypti were 625. The design used was a completely randomized design with 5 treatments and 5 replications. The five treatments were the treatment group consisting of concentrations of 2%, 4% and 6% and the control group consisting of positive control, namely abate and negative control, namely aquades. Mosquito larvae mortality was observed every 2 hours for 12 hours. The data obtained were analyzed using one way ANOVA test and continued with Duncan's test. The results obtained in the mixed treatment of Moringa leaf extract and lemongrass 4% and 6% had high larvicidal ability and were the same as positive control themepos (abate). Based on the results of the study, it was concluded that a mixture of Moringa leaf extracts (Moringa oleifera) and citronella (Cymbopogon nardus L)had larvicidal ability against mosquito larvae&nbsp; Aedes aegypti.&nbsp;</em></p> Nurul Hidayah, Ady Kurnianto, Angela Bhelo, Bagus Uda Palgunadi ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 30 Oct 2021 09:05:47 +0700 A DETEKSI MASTITIS SUBKLINIS PADA PETERNAKAN SAPI PERAH DI WILAYAH KANIGORO, BLITAR <p><strong><em>Mastitis is an inflammatory of the udder internal tissue with different causes and degrees of severity, duration and diseases caused by vaiorus causative agent. This disease is very harmfull because it caused a reduction in milk production, the additional costs of medicines causing economic losses for farmers. This tesearch was a descriptive research.&nbsp; Detection was done by talking milk sampel on dairy cattle and was reacted with California Mastits Test (CMT) reagents which were circukated circuary for 10-15 seconds. This result about mastitis subklinis tested using by California Mastitis Test (CMT) in Kanigoro, Blitar. From 134 milk sampel showed 104 (76,4 %) &nbsp;samples positive mastitis subkkinis. The subclinical mastitis factor was influenced by cowshed management and milking of livestock, because sanitation and hygiene influenced to the level of bacterial contamination. </em></strong></p> Tika Fitria Wulan Afrilia, Riska Faradila, Ananda Rifqi Shofi, Ahmad Drajat Arifianto ##submission.copyrightStatement## Tue, 09 Nov 2021 12:59:12 +0700